“1er Jour de Saison” 



My role: Director / Screenwriter / Video Editor / Sound & Music Designer

Short-movie I directed on behalf of L’IDEM for a local French Health & Safety organisation PST66 in Perpignan, France. I wrote the scenario, attributed roles to a team of 10, organised and directed the 2 days shooting on a zero euro budget, worked on all the post-production and composed the original soundtracks.


Elbows & Knees


My role: Boom operator / Sound recorder

As a friend of independent director Fabio Coelho I helped out on his arty short film about Thai box with sound recording.



My role: Cast member / Music Composer

As a friend of one of the producers, I made 2 appearances as 1 out of many zombies and composed 1 original soundtrack for this local comic horror movie produced by A304 PROD.