My role: Camera Operator / Video Editor

As a freelance videographer, I have filmed various weddings in London and edited entire DVDs. Unfortunately, these are private projects so for obvious reasons, most of it is not viewable online. However, here is an example of what I edited on behalf of Ajeet Media Studio in London, video clip I made based on a sample from Mandy & Gurj’s Wedding.

FID&BD 2014 & 2015


Video Clip

My role: Director & Producer / Video Editor / Graphic Motion Designer

International Discs & Comics Fair Festival’s in Perpignan, France. I have been collaborating with organizers of this festival and worked based on the available materials (photos, graphics and videos) to produce 2 videos introducing the festival: Programme 2015 & Souvenirs 2014

Théâtre de L’Étang

Video Clip

My role: Video Editor / Graphic Motion Designer

As a video editor for Pole Production in Perpignan, France, I have worked on various projects including editing DVDs of dance shows for local dance schools and this video introducing a local theatre whole year’s programme for 2015-2016 season.


Live gig

My role: Event Organizer & Videographer

As an event organizer for a charity organisation (AcF France), I have recorded a sample of Korttex’s live gig during a fund-raising concert at the Crockmore venue in Perpignan, France.