Organo Gold

Adverts and Events

My role: Graphic Designer / Video Editor

As a marketing co-ordinator for Organo Gold in London, I had to manage and review all social media as well as 2 blogs for Europe, Middle-East & Africa. I have created a wide range of graphics for print & web, and worked on some editing in order to adapt videos to our region’s market.

Recap Unite EU Convention 2017 in Milan – 16K views

OG Healthey Breakfast – 3.8K views

Summer Promotions – 1.7K views

Vote Leave

Adverts and campaigning videos

My role: Video Editor / Graphic Motion Designer

As a multimedia editor for “Vote Leave” political campaign in London, I have edited and produced various media from graphics for social media, documents for print or web to audiovisual adverts, campaigning videos and livestream.

Here are listed some of these projects:

David Cameron IN Campaign advert – 1.3M Views

For this project I wasn’t in charge of the video but I produced all graphics featured: 

Boris Johnson in truck – 690k Views

NHS Heart Beat advert – 70k Views

How would you spend £350million? – 413k Views

More countries are joining the EU – 284k Views

Michael Gove in Southampton – 138k Views

Livestream Michael Gove – 58k Views