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Organo Gold

Graphic Design & Digital Marketing

As a Marketing Coordinator for Organo Gold in London, I have worked on brand awareness, customer acquisition, engagement and monetisation campaigns. I have produced various graphic contents for print and web and was in charge, among other things, of the EMEA X4Ever Challenge, the EMEA Organo blog, monthly newsletters and social media including Instagram, Twitter and up to 11 Facebook pages.

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Vote Leave

Multimedia production

As a Creative Multimedia Editor for Vote Leave political campaign in London, I have produced various multimedia contents from graphics for print and web like social media posts or business cards and leaflets, to audiovisual contents like adverts, campaigning videos and live stream.

Boris Johnson in truck – 690k Views

NHS Heart Beat advert – 70k Views

This advert also travelled around the UK on a digital LED billboard advertising truck.

How would you spend £350million? – 413k Views

More countries are joining the EU – 284k Views

Michael Gove in Southampton – 138k Views

Livestream Michael Gove – 58k Views

VL Social Media

Some of the graphics I designed for Vote Leave campaign's social media -

VL Logos

Some of the logos I designed for Vote Leave campaign.