Welcome to my website.

Eloah is my artist name.

Based in London, I’m a creative professional with experience in Multimedia – including Video Production and Graphic Design – as well as Marketing and Communication.

Click HERE to download my multimedia portfolio.

Video editor

Worked for various organisations as a video or multimedia editor. Edited different types of videos from short adverts to full DVDs for events. In 2015, I also directed a short-movie for a health and safety branch. Wrote the script and storyboard and did all post-production. I can work on any type of video. Click HERE to discover my video portfolio.

Camera operator

Experience shooting weddings and live events.  Adaptable, I have worked with DSLR, handheld or shoulder camcorders and 4K production cameras. Can work as part of a team or on my own.

Graphic designer

Worked as a graphic designer and can produce any type of graphic for print & web. Experience with graphics motion. Click HERE to download my multimedia portfolio.

Production assistant

Experience in event organisation, administration and team management. I have a bachelor degree in audiovisual technics. I can assist a film production team with anything needed.

Sound designer

Passionate about music as an amateur musician, I understand sound design and have some experience working in studio.

Digital Marketing

As a marketing executive, I have worked on brand awareness, customer acquisition, monetization and engagement campaigns.  

Regarding copywriting and editing, I have supervised the production of blog articles and social media posts, conducted researches and generated ideas. I wrote and translated a few articles myself and worked in collaboration with a copywriter and a translation agency when needed. I also know the basics of SEO.

Tools I used include WordPress for content management. Hootsuite to manage multiple social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. E-campaigner for e-mailing and newsletters.

I also used google analytics and social media insight and have some experience with digital paid advertising.

Event organisation

As a local representative, I organised a various number of local events for a well-known charity organisation back in my hometown. A film festival, fundraising concerts, a photo exhibition, races & various street events to name a few.

Public & press relation

As a local representative still, I also organised press conferences, public speeches and wrote a few articles for the local press in order to promote these events.

I’ll be glad to hear about your creative or marketing projects if you think I can be of any help. So do not hesitate to get in touch by email.

Cheers 😉